Happy Holidays from Tamalitoz

Happy December!! Good news everyone, we made it to December! Unless, of course, you hate the cold, are terrible at giftgiving, or hate the ugly sweater phase we as a country seem to be in. If that is the case, then you cantake a moment cry some or start day drinking. It’s okay we’ll wait. For everyone else, I say…

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Blood Orange Tamalitoz pouch and candy laying down

The Full Tamalitoz / SugaRox Story

Tamalitoz are not like traditional Mexican candy, which are covered in Chili. We put the chili on the inside, so you get the sweet fruity flavor of the candy first. As you suck on them, hints of tangy and sour heat come through. When you reach the center you get that “OMG!” Tamalitoz moment. Why are they called Tamalitoz? One…

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The Holidays are Right Around the Corner

Happy November everyone! I get it. November feels like the Thursday of months. It’s almost to the fun stuff like a Friday, but not close enough so it feels like a tease. Sure, at the end of the month you get to spend 3 days cooking just to listen to your obnoxious uncle’s political opinions before he falls a sleep…

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The Sweet Joy of September is Here!

September is a unique month from the others. No, not because it starts off the whole “ending in ber” run, because who really cares about that?   Rather, one interesting thing about it is that it’s the only month that is like sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. You just left the scorching heat of summer outside…

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Happy February!

February 2022 February has to be one of the most interesting months out of the year. After all, when else can you watch a giant rodent give a weather prediction based on how sunny it is that morning? And he doesn’t just give it to anyone, mind you. It’s only to one person, in a tux, who then shares with…

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2022 – Let’s Make a Spicy You

Time to put some spice in your life Happy January everyone! The changing of the calendars can only mean one thing. And we can discuss that after the younger members of the audience Googles what that expression means because they’ve only ever seen them on their phones. Okay, right, it means that time once again to make promises to eat…

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New Flavors in the House!

Two new flavors are here to say hi! September is a month for change. The air changes from that hot and sticky mess and becomes a bit crisper. The leaves start to turn beautiful shades, changing from the green that was SO like 5000 BC. The most dramatic change seems to happen when some people change from normal, sane individuals…

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Four Excellent Flavors Of Tamalitoz to Try Now

What do you get with each flavor of Tamalitoz’s sweet and hot candies? You get specialized tastes based on the popularity and fire of Latin cuisine. You can also get new taste sensations for rimming a margarita glass, which is great if you’re tending bar or just serving up drinks at home. Here are some of the most popular flavors…

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4 Fun Things to Do With Candy

Do you need creative ways to use hard candy? Hard candy is a delicious treat that so many people can’t do without. Regardless of your age, you can never get tired of relaxing on your favorite sofa, enjoying a bag of sweet-tasting candy that you can’t stop eating. These sweet treats are also versatile. They come in a wide variety…

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