New Flavors in the House!

Cranberry Fantasy and Peach Slapped

Two new flavors are here to say hi!


September is a month for change. The air changes from that hot and sticky mess and becomes a bit crisper. The leaves start to turn beautiful shades, changing from the green that was SO like 5000 BC.

The most dramatic change seems to happen when some people change from normal, sane individuals and insist on cramming pumpkin flavoring in everything they can get their hands on.

And we here at Tamalitoz also wanted to get in on the festive spirit of change. No, not on the pumpkin thing, that bandwagon is WAY too full.

So, then what is the change we had in mind?

We’re changing the way you can enjoy two classic flavors, but now with a twist.

We’re bringing two new, refreshing tastes to relieve the beating your tastebuds have been going through from other boring products, while you were searching for these flavors (obviously without success because we’re just now launching them).

We are proud to introduce to you our two new, fabulous flavors: Peach Slapped and Cranberry Fantasy!

Imagine this… It’s a beautiful sunny summer day. You have a fresh peach in your hand, and you pause to think to yourself… “What could possibly be better than this?”

Well, a lot actually. Because that sunny day means it feels like 700 degrees, and that peach you’re holding is now attracting every flying insect in a 3-mile radius.

But before you give up all hope, we have the answer.

The lite, sweetness from the peach blend perfectly with spices to give you a flavor combination that feels just like that summer day that you can enjoy any time of year. And without leaving you with sticky hands that cause people to make bad assumptions about you.

No one can resist the sweet and tart tangy taste of cranberries! But you only get to enjoy them one time of year and most of the time it’s only during one large meal in November. And to make matters worse, that meal also includes your drunk relatives that have suddenly become experts in politics.

But your friends at Tamalitoz feel your pain and want you to know that we care. Not enough to argue with your relatives for you, but enough to bring you the flavor of cranberries.

The bright crisp notes of cranberry balance with the tangy spices to give you a fall-flavored treat that is as unique as it is wonderful. And best of all, it won’t care who you voted for!

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