Have Hard Candy Left Over? Try These Deliciously Creative Tips!

If you have a family or a sweet tooth of your own, you may find that bags of hard candy can end up lying around half opened and unattended. None of us enjoy throwing away delicious sweet treats, yet most of us detest saving bits of candy, hoping it will be eaten at a later date. Whether you are looking to salvage leftover hard candy or merely in the mood to get creative, here are a few simple ways you can reuse your leftover candy that will please your family and your peace of mind.

Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix

Trail mixes have come a long way since their traditional beginnings of nuts and raisins. Modern trail mixes are simply a combination of your favorite bits of goodness combined into one easy-to-eat container. Satisfy your sweet cravings with a healthy twist of adding your favorite hard candy to the mix! You can include nuts of your choice, pretzels pieces, dried fruit bits, and other items that suit your taste. Consider using Mexican-inspired sweet chili candy to give your trail mix a sweet and spicy burst of flavor!

Dedicant Dessert Dips

Get ready to have your party guests raving over your hard candy-inspired dessert dip! All you need to create a mouthwatering treat is three ingredients: sugar, cream cheese, and candy. Combine the sugar and cream cheese until mixed well, then fold in your favorite hard crushed candies to add unforgettable flavor. Candied dessert dips can be used with fruits such as apple slices, pretzels for a savory pairing, and even spread on sweetbreads at brunch!

Popcorn Paparazzi

Make your next movie night fit for the red carpet by making your popcorn the star of the show! Who needs dry, salted popcorn anyway? Drizzle melted hard candy over your popcorn to create a sweet and salty delicacy. You may choose one type of candy or mix your favorites to form an unforgettable flavorful snack. If you’d like to add texture, simply crush up the candy and mix it in for crunchy goodness.

Crushed Candy Cookies

We’ve pretty much established that hard candies can be deliciously repurposed in a myriad of creative ways, primarily when they are crushed into bits. Consider crushing hard candy by placing it into plastic bags and using a wooden spoon or dough roller to break down the pieces into the desired crushed consistency. Once you have your crushed candy ready to go, you can sprinkle it on top of fresh-baked cookies for a surprise sugar cookie effect or drop the cookies into the bag and generously coat them.

The choices are almost endless for using leftover candies or reimagining new delicious ways to incorporate them into your favorite snacks.

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