Happy Holidays from Tamalitoz


Happy December!!

Good news everyone, we made it to December! Unless, of course, you hate the cold, are terrible at gift
giving, or hate the ugly sweater phase we as a country seem to be in. If that is the case, then you can
take a moment cry some or start day drinking. It’s okay we’ll wait.

For everyone else, I say Happy Whatever You Celebrate!! And luckily, we at Tamalitoz don’t give a damn,
because our products are great for every occasion!

For example, if you want to go the tradition route and hang with the extended family that makes you
miserable, help them talk less by having some of our new and amazing Palomitaz popcorn on hand.
Trust me, these incredible flavor and crunch combinations will shut ‘em up in no time because they’ll be
double fisting bite after delicious bite.

Or if you like something a little more low key and don’t mind hearing what those around you have to
say, pop open some of our original Tamalitoz. We have a flavor that fits every type of conversation, so
boost your taste buds while you do whatever it is that you do well.

And finally, if you’re running the show and have the party that’s rocking the block, offer up some of our
low sugar Chew Lows to all your peeps. They’ll love the stunning tastes that less than 1 gram of sugar
per chew will give them. And there won’t be a doubt at all that you’re the Chulo of this holiday season!

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