The Sweet Joy of September is Here!


September is a unique month from the others. No, not because it starts off the whole “ending in ber” run, because who really cares about that?  

Rather, one interesting thing about it is that it’s the only month that is like sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. You just left the scorching heat of summer outside and you know right around the corner you’re going to be tortured with sub-zero temperatures. Like from any and all medical equipment and the deep freezer they use for an exam room.

The only upside to this analogy is that September only lasts for 30 days, while waiting well past your appointment time seems like an eternity. But in either case, you don’t need to sit and torment yourself in anticipation of medical probes made of dry ice or Jack Frost giving you the bird and laughing at you while you desperately try to clean your windshield with a credit card because you forgot to buy an ice scraper.

Instead, you can fight back and take your mind and tastebuds to a happy place with the help from some sweet and spicy joy that you get from every piece of your favorite flavor of Tamalitoz candy. And get the last laugh while you blissfully sit in your car for 30 minutes, singing along with the radio (probably quite badly, but we won’t judge), and enjoying some Tamalitoz while the defroster takes care of the window cleaning for you. And just keep a cozy sweater on standby for your next visit.

Something else that September offers that no other month does is the level of panic that hits your kids when they realize that they’re just about out of time to do all the things that they wanted to do during the summer but weren’t quite ready to put down the electronics. Because clearly watching videos of people doing things you enjoy is a lot better than actually doing them yourself.

But now that their reality gets to give you a few more gray hairs because their problems are suddenly yours (ah, the joys of parenthood). And now that you get to plan a summer’s worth of activities into a few short weekends you know they don’t need sugar to pump their paranoia, and you don’t need it to fuel your awesome parenting skills.

So, show them how their friends are right to think you’re the Chulo parent and grab some ChewLows, the low sugar candy from Tamalitoz, and shake your thing while you drag them from amusement parks to swimming pools embarrassing them at every possible opportunity (the other joys of parenthood!).

And don’t worry, that delicious flavor combination you love will give you just the spark you need to threaten to change the Wi-Fi password if they tease you about your dance moves that no one should ever have to see.

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