Tricks or Treats? October is Here!

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October is a wonderful month. The daylight is noticeably less than the summer, so you don’t have to feel
guilty about drinking so early in the day because it “feels” later. You can also take a nice quiet trip to the
countryside, with about a million other people, to enjoy the colors of mother nature giving the bird and
putting in her 2 weeks’ notice before she’s off for the winter. And let’s not forget the annual kid bribery
event where we give a tremendous amount of candy to strange children to not cover your house in
toilet paper.

But is there anything more to the month than getting to enjoy a booze filled lunch, sharing miles of car
exhaust with the forest animals, or having a child version of The Purge? Yes, of course. That was a stupid

Because there is Tamalitoz!

So don’t let your noon time exposition cause you to get a bit too mouthy on your afternoon conference
call with the president of the company. Instead, let the sweet and spicy combination of Divine
or Lip Smacking Mango help you to not call the man in charge a complete moron on the
national sales call.

Next, keep that road rage from ruining your smog filled view you spent the last 6 hours and 20 miles
getting to by keeping your cool by popping some Cucumber Extravaganza and saying to hell with nature
and traffic and just enjoy the quiet you have from the kids refusing to go with you. And should someone
actually ask you how the trees looked on your outing, just say red and yellow and download a picture or
two from the internet. No one will ever know the difference.

And finally, don’t feel like you have to take liquidate that retirement account to spend more in chocolate
than you would in just buying a new house that isn’t covered in TP.

Just open a bag of our new ChewLows and show all those juvenile ne’er-do-wells that you are the Chulo that shouldn’t be messed with, and just turn on your lawn sprinklers.

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