Four Excellent Flavors Of Tamalitoz to Try Now

What do you get with each flavor of Tamalitoz’s sweet and hot candies? You get specialized tastes based on the popularity and fire of Latin cuisine. You can also get new taste sensations for rimming a margarita glass, which is great if you’re tending bar or just serving up drinks at home.

Here are some of the most popular flavors that we ship to our customers, retail or wholesale.

Divine Watermelon

There’s nothing like a fresh slice of watermelon on a hot summer day, and many people really enjoy watermelon-flavored candy, beer and other delicacies. In fact, this flavor has really been taking off, especially when late spring rolls around.

You know that signature watermelon flavor when you taste it. We combine it with the interesting heat of traditional pepper varieties for something that’s unique and really enjoyable. Many people also like the idea of pairing a juicy melon with a fiery pepper. There’s just something cool about that.

Tantalizing Tamarind

Our Tantalizing Tamarind flavored candy is a culturally authentic choice. Tamarind candy has been a stock aspect of both Latin cuisines and other ethnic traditions around the world. However, Westerners may find it off-putting, because it’s not sweet in exactly the same ways that many more modern and less organic candy flavors are. That being said, you owe it to yourself to try this authentic taste as well, to see if it suits you or not.

Gorgeous Green Apple

Our Gorgeous Green Apple flavor is THE real favorite with some people. Again, it depends on the person – some people don’t like green apple, and find it to be either cloying or too bitter, compared to other tastes like the watermelon flavor that we talked about.

Other people really love green apple, and they get all sorts of green apple products, from candy to shampoo, because they love the smell as well as taste. If that’s you, you’ll want to pick up a pack of this flavor of Tamalitoz candy.

Cucumber Extravaganza

The Cucumber Extravaganza flavor is certainly a different kind of taste, one you might associate with flavored water or something refreshing like a salad. But it still has our unique taste sensation blend, with a little heat thrown in.

Peruse these and other flavors on our website, and take advantage of a culturally inspired unique candy design that’s custom-made for your palate. This is a different type of candy, something new and inspired to dress up a menu, or spice up your holidays. Or just to have around the house! We pride ourselves on quality, and on convenient e-commerce and shipping to bring these flavors to your door.

Build Your Tamalitoz Ten-Pack

Are you the type that prefers variety, and likes to try everything before committing to your favorite flavor of mexican candy? Or do get attached to certain flavors, and prefer to stick to them? Whatever is right for you is right for us but for now you can build your Tamalitoz 10-Pack online and try all of our exciting flavors in one box. Enjoy!

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