The Holidays are Right Around the Corner

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Happy November everyone!

I get it. November feels like the Thursday of months. It’s almost to the fun stuff like a Friday, but not close enough so it feels like a tease.

Sure, at the end of the month you get to spend 3 days cooking just to listen to your obnoxious uncle’s political opinions before he falls a sleep on your couch with the TV remote firmly in his grasp. Add on to that, your entire sleep schedule being shot to hell because of this stupid time change thing, and you have a perfect recipe to not care about this month at all.

But don’t give up on November just yet.

Because you can make this month of misery into something much better. Start by staying cool as a cucumber with Tamalitoz Cucumber Extravaganza to put the first 3 weeks or so into cruise control while you come up with the perfect plan!

Any time your uncle opens his trap to bore the room with his crack pot conspiracy theories, put some new Tamalitoz Palomitaz popcorn on his plate. The amazing flavors with stop him in his tracks and your family dinner won’t end up in the yearly cage match it always does.

Top it off by showing the room who the chulo is by giving everyone some Chewlows for that after dinner spicy kick that will have you Black Friday shopping all night long!

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