2022 – Let’s Make a Spicy You

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Time to put some spice in your life

Happy January everyone! The changing of the calendars can only mean one thing. And we can discuss that after the younger members of the audience Googles what that expression means because they’ve only ever seen them on their phones.

Okay, right, it means that time once again to make promises to eat better and exercise and then break them days or even hours later, in shame and despair with the only positive reflection that you’re saving money on buying a new wardrobe.

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2022 - Let's Make a Spicy You 4

But why torture yourself again this year? If you’re going to stand in front of that mirror and make a list of things upon which you can improve, then make the top of the list to add some spice to your life. No not by any of those ways that just popped into your head, and quite honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking most of those.

No, I mean you should spice up your life with the brilliant flavors offered by Tamalitoz. Let’s face it, brussels sprouts can be bland, a salad can be just sad, and broccoli will give you gas. But when you start enjoying some of our fruit-flavored candy with a Mexican twist, life can be exciting and full of tang!  

Am I saying that you should substitute all your veggies for our amazing flavors? That depends on if you’re willing to sign a waiver. I mean of course not. But, after you finish off a plate of that nutrient-rich depression, resuscitate your taste buds with any number of our vibrant candies.

When you can choose from vivid tastes like Divine Watermelon, Lip Smacking Mango, Peached Slapped why wouldn’t let your mouth achieve its New Year’s resolution of being happy? And these are just a few of the amazing options that we have to offer.

All ten flavors of Tamalitoz

So sure, go ahead stop using your exercise bike or treadmill as a close rack for a week or two, and maybe even park your car a little further down your driveway. And while you’re pretending that you’ve forgotten how your exercise equipment works or taking those extra 6 steps worth of exercise, enjoy them with the sweet and spicy taste that can only come from any of our delectable Tamalitoz candies, and live life spicy!

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