Palomitaz Lip Smacking Mango


Mango with chili lime and salt, is like Mexican soul food,  just floods the senses.  That’s why our Lip Smacking Mango Palomitaz is like a ray of sunshine to your tastebuds, it warms the soul and tastes like happy!

Sweet and savory like kettle corn, but with a tangy and spicy kick.

Our Lip Smacking Mango Palomitaz are made with non GMO corn, flavored with natural watermelon flavoring, vegan, and gluten free!

Each pouch contains two servings, so even if you do open up a bag, you can feel ok about finishing it in one sitting as each serving has a little over 100 Calories.

Fun fact,  Palomitas is how you say Popcorn in Mexico,  but there are more than 10 words for it in Spanish, depending on what country you’re in.