The Whole Enchilada Tamalitoz & Palomitaz Pack


Dive into the world of Tamalitoz with our Whole Enchilada Pack! That’s right ladies and Gents, and all our non binary friends. The Whole Enchilada gets you ALL  10 flavors of Tamalitoz and  ALL 4 flavors of  Palomitaz,  our  sweet and spicy Tex-Mex kettle corn, and a pouch of our new Chili Pops (you get two Mango Pops, Two Watermelon Pops and Two Pineapple Pops)

There is something for everyone in this, we like to think of it as the ultimate starter pack.

Sweet and spicy, fruity and fun, like a Telenovela for your Tastebuds!


875 in stock

All Tamalitoz products are gluten free and made with organic ingredients.

Palomitaz are Vegan, Gluten Free, made with organic Non GMO corn.



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