Tamalitoz; Sweet, Hot and Personal

Just to be clear, Tamalitoz is not traditional Tamales. We would hate to disappoint anyone expecting fabulous tamales (Verdes, Rojos, Mole, Rajas, etc.) by opening a pouch of Tamalitoz and thinking, what is this? Where is the Tamal? I know I would be disappointed if someone hadn’t made that clear to me.


Tamalitoz is a ribbon-style candy, filled with a mild chili lime seasoning. I mentioned on the “about us” section of the website how the name came about. We do believe they look like tiny tamales, rectangular, have stripes, have a filling, and come from Mexico, but that is where the similarity ends.

I’ll use this blog to share our story; hopefully, it will make you smile, maybe even inspire some of you. It has not always been sweet sailing, but it has been a fantastic ride.


I know it’s not typical for the owners of a company to use their brand’s website as a blog. Sugarox and Tamalitoz is a very personal project, we are a part of it as much as it is a part of us.


Occasionally we will invite friends and people we have worked with and admire to guest blog, write about anything sweet, spicy, or deliciously fabulous.


Again, thanks for reading this far, allowing us on your screens, and into your homes with our candy.


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