Tamalitoz Naturally Flavored and Colored Candy.

When deciding to make Tamalitoz back in 2015, we faced an issue. All of the flavors and colors we were using to make the first runs and samples were artificial. I went to our suppliers and asked if we could develop natural ingredients for our candy. We needed a flavor that tasted like and came from the natural fruit we were trying to honor, and colors sourced naturally. They said no at first, explaining that our process of adding the flavoring while the candy is still molten would make it impossible. They explained to us that artificial flavors withstand high temperatures, while natural flavors evaporate. Natural colors are dull, and nobody likes pale candy. They brought us samples of natural flavors and colors to try; they were right.

Tamalitoz was launching at the Sweets & Snacks show that year, just a couple of months away. Sweets & Snacks is the USA’s biggest candy event. Its where all the big candy and snack companies show off their products.

The clock was ticking; we needed to find the right ingredients; the show was only a couple of months away. Long story short, we did not make it in time. Much to my discontent, Tamalitoz launched using artificial colors and flavors. I felt a little defeated but made a promise to keep looking for the right ingredients and switch them over once we eventually did find the right mix. It took us 18 months; we finally got it, and in 2017 re-formulated, fixed our packaging, and started to spread the word.

To my surprise, most people did not even notice some of the buyers at candy shops said: “it’s candy, who cares if it’s artificial, it’s not good for you anyways.” It does not take Einstein to know candy is NOT a healthy snack, but it is a Feel-Good treat, a candy moment is a special moment. As an adult consumer, I appreciate it when companies acknowledge my indulgence as unique. Anything meant to make you feel good should be made with love and care.

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