Tamalitoz Chilli Pops | NEW


We took three of our most popular flavors of Tamalitoz and turned them into sweet and spicy lollipop magic!

Divine Watermelon, Lip Smacking Mango, and Pineapple galore flavor lollipops with swirls of chili lime and sea salt throughout.

We kept the grain of the chili powder course so you feel and taste the smokiness of the dry chili peppers, giving it a full body oddy oddy flavor.   First you get the sweet, then the natural fruit flavor kicks in, followd by the swirls of chili with lime and sea salt.

This will get your mouth watering for sure.

Each pouch contains 6 lollipops, two of each flavor.


Oh yes we did!
New Tamalitoz Chili Pops.
Mango, Watermelon and Pineapple lollipops with swirls of chili lime and sea salt.


Individual Tamalitoz Chilli Pops, Five Pack Chilli Pops