Five Pack Divine Watermelon Tamalitoz


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Get 15% off the regular price of our Divine Watermelon Tamalitoz when you order a 5 pack!

Divine Watermelon is your favorite flavor of Tamalitoz?  We got you,  one is just not enough.  You need one pouch at your desk, one for munching in the car,  one in the pantry, under the bed, hidden in the floor board, one locked in the safe…

So what makes these little delightful sweeties so delish?  The secret is inside, literally.  By putting our chili lime seasoning on the inside, first you get the sweet flavor of the watermelon ribbon candy, and as you reach the center, hints of chili lime start coming thru.  We want to give you that “Wait for it” moment,  when you reach the center you get that explosion of flavors, mixing together in that moment of all encompassing.

Divine Watermelon Tamalitoz is like taking your tastebuds on vacation to the world of  sweet watermelon, then to the land of spicy, tangy, salty fabulosity! The journey starts at sweet watermelon, takes you on to tangy lime, then glides on into Spicy realness!

Sharing them would be the right thing to do,  but we know what really happens to the five pouches,  and honey… we understand!

5 Pack of Divine Watermelon Tamalitoz, perfect for Watermelon lovers.