Santo Cielo Tamalitoz 10-Pack


The Santo Cielo Pack includes all TEN flavors of Tamalitoz.

The original five flavors of Tamalitoz (Watermelon, Mango, Tamarind, Cucumber and Pineapple) evoke traditional flavors of Mexican candy. They are meant to taste like a stroll through the streets of Mexico City.

Our newer flavors are a fusion of flavors from Mexico and the USA (Cherry, Green Apple, Blood Orange, Peach and Cranberry). A whole new breed of Mexican American style candy and we are living for it!

This is the perfect starter pack for anyone new to the world of Tamalitoz.

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Contains 10/4oz pouches;  Divine Watermelon, Lip Smacking Mango, Tantalizing Tamarind, Pineapple Galore, Cucumber Extravaganza, Cherry It’s a Fire, Bite me Blood Orange, Gorgeous Green Apple, Peach Slapped and Cranberry Fantasy

Gluten free


Natural colors

Natural flavors

Made in a nut free facility