Bite Me Blood Orange Tamalitoz


When you just cant get enough, or you just have to share your new obsession, The Bite Me Blood Orange Tamalitoz 5 Pack is the way to go.  We are always looking to create new and fabulous flavors, and sometimes this inspiration comes when we are lucky enough to do some traveling.  It was in Italy that we discovered they were home to the most beautiful, not to mention sweetest blood oranges we have ever tried.  It was obvious an obvious choice, Blood Orange Tamalitoz,  so good they scream Bite Me!

If you just have to share your love of our Bite me  Blood Orange Tamalitoz, and one pouch is just not enough, we have your back. Our 5 Pack of Bite Me Blood Orange Tamalitoz is enough to share with friends or keep in your secret candy stash (we know you have one).

Sweet, tangy, and fabulous, it’s like mixing a Sunset on the Mediterranean with Mexican Pleasure Cruise. Whats not to love!


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