5 Pack Lip-Smacking Mango Tamalitoz


Can’t get enough of our Lip Smacking Mango Tamalitoz,  not to worry,  the 5 pack is here.

Who can say no to mango with chili lime and sea salt.  The perfect balance of sweet and salty, tangy sour and spice.  When we say Tamalitoz gives you that “OMG” moment, we were not kidding.  Lip Smacking Mango Tamalitoz starts off subtle,  tropical, and more delicate than our other flavors,  then “POW” it hits you in the face,  full of flavor, enough to turn your world upside down.

We might be exaggerating a little,  but it sure does taste amazing.

Also buy getting the 5 pack we make your Mango dreams come true, you get 15% off the regular price.