Five Pack Gorgeous Green Apple Tamalitoz


As with all our 5 packs,  you get 15% off the regular price of a pouch of Tamalitoz!

Green Apple lovers time to stock up or share with your Adams and Eves.  Sinfully delicious, sweet and fiery flavor. fantasy!

Green Apples and Chili are a match made in Chihuahua Mexico heaven!

Which brings us to the story of why green apples with chili? Our Wanderlust nature took us to Creel Chihuahua, quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in the state! While we were there someone told us to try the Green Apples with chili, easy to find as we quickly found out that just a couple of hours north in the City of Cuahutemoc, is where they grow the best apples in Mexico.

Sweet Juicy, tangy apple with chili lime and sea salt,  we knew we had to make a flavor of Tamalitoz inspired by this moment.


Gorgeous Green Apple Tamalitoz

Green Apple lovers time to stock up and share with your Adams and or Eves.  Sinfully delicious, sweet and fiery flavor fantasy!

We stumbled upon this flavor combination while exploring a town called Creel in Chihuahua Mexico. A beautiful spot where apples grow in abundance. The locals insisted we try their apples, they gave us some sprinkled with chili powder.   It became obvious we needed a green apple flavor of Tamalitoz.

Dimensions5 × 2 × 6 in


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