The Glorious Mexican Fruit Cart

The Glorious Mexican Fruit Cart

This is the flavor of Mexico!  If you ever have the opportunity to visit a market or street market in Mexico,  you will find someone selling fruit cocktails.

The star of the show is the chopped watermelon, mango, cucumber, pineapple. When they ask you how you want it,   the options are;   with yogurt, honey and granola,  or served up with chili powder, lime juice and salt.

Tamalitoz are inspired by the latter.

When we started making Tamalitoz at Sugarox,   the goal we set for ourselves was to come as close as possible to the flavor of the fruit cocktails you get at the market.

We found that by using natural flavors and colors, and buy putting the chili on the inside,  we were able to come close to the delicious flavor we got from the market fruit.

If you have ever gone to Mexico and not experienced the fresh fruit from a market or cart,  you are missing out.  Flavors so fresh and sweet, its hard to believe it is served in such an informal way.  The taste is worthy of a 5 star restaurant yet it is so informal, the contradiction is exquisite. Much like so many things in Mexico,  a country full of color flavor and contradictions.

Tamalitoz will transport you directly to Mexico, standing alongside a typical fruit cart and a cup of freshly cut fruit with fresh lime squeezed over it and then sprinkled with salt and chili mix.

Join us for this 100% Mexican tradition.