October – Full of Tricks, Treats, and Tamalitoz

October – Full of Tricks, Treats, and Tamalitoz

Tamalitoz Halloween

Enjoy some tricks & some spicy treats!

How can you say no to an entire month dedicated to scaring the bejesus out of small children and then filling their bags with enough processed sugar to kill an elephant? You can’t, and we don’t want you to. Because Halloween is as American as all the other holidays that mostly aren’t actually American but we as a country try and take credit for it anyway.  

But what we do want to do is add a little spice to your month-long reign of terror. No, we aren’t talking about that sexy nurse costume you’ve had your eye on. But hey, you do you! Instead, we’re talking about taking your Halloween status to the next level with the help of your sweet and spicey go-to candy, Tamalitoz.

Want to know how? Just imagine these three different situations:

  1. You are at your friend’s Halloween party in your *ahem* costume of your choosing. Things are going well, the music is good, you haven’t seen anyone double-dipping in the queso when suddenly you discover the bar setup is as bland as a non-sexy Halloween costume. Luckily, you’ve come prepared with your assortment of Tamalitoz Crush and spice up the glass rims to make these mundane margaritas the Halloween treat this party needs. Soon enough there is enough alcohol flowing to spawn any number of bad decisions that no one will remember you’re responsible for starting.

2. You start your day off with a stroll into the office full of false hopes of being productive and loads of Halloween joy. Only, when you stop to say hi to the receptionist that you secretly don’t like you see a crime against flavor as the company candy jar is bursting with things that would get your house TP’ed. But you stop all your co-working from either quitting in mass or storming the office manager’s cubical because you have Tamalitoz in your non-sexy, work-appropriate attire that won’t get you sent to HR. And soon the sweet and spicy goodness has filled your peers with enough joy to get the quarterly reports good enough to earn that bonus you’ve been dreaming of.

3. You finally get the never to ask out that cute person in accounting to the company Halloween party. And as you approach in the smooth strut you’d been practicing at home that, if house plants could talk would have said makes you look like you have a hernia. The deer in the headlights looks indicates they see you coming, as does their failed attempt to hide behind the filing cabinet. But when they feel all hope is lost, they spot the bag of Tamalitoz you brought over as an ice breaker. And suddenly think that your “painful as an audit” personality has a certain kind of, tolerable with the sweet and spicy taste of Tamalitoz, side to it. And wouldn’t you know it, now they’re kinda glad that they choose not to fake that heart attack after all.

So this October, while your usual Halloween swagger has the appeal of Covid, let us help you bring your holiday game up from the level of Chuck E’ Cheese to the level of Sultan of Sweet & Spicy with the always in-season flavors of Tamalitoz candy.

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