Hot Mexican Candy

What is Tamalitoz by Sugarox?

To answer that question is to immerse yourself in a candy based on a cuisine that has inspired chefs all around the globe. There’s a culinary history behind these products, and it has to do with the unique exotic tastes and traditions of Latin America. You owe it to yourself to try these little candies, if only to do a bit of research into this area of food history.

First of all, you have the chili pepper. This is a common stock ingredient in Mexican and Latin American cooking.

In fact, hot peppers are used in many areas of the world to give food flavor. It’s not just heat – a lot of these pepper varieties combine a certain amount of heat with other unique taste sensations. But Latin American cooking as a whole has come to be associated with the heat of various types of peppers like the habanero, jalapeno and others. Peppers are brightly colored, too, which brings more joy to the plate, and their antioxidant value is just part of the health benefits they convey to us when we eat them. But the taste is what’s most relevant here – and what a great taste it is!

Adding the Sweet

If you’ve been paying attention to restaurant cuisine in America, you’ll see that there have been some significant trends over the past couple of decades. Decades ago, it was common to enjoy the hot food of Mexico or other Latin American countries as a bold new exotic type of cuisine. The pyramid build of the Chi-Chi’s restaurant became popular. “South of the border” was still a new frontier for American diners.

Today, though, people are branching out into new types of taste sensations – mixing the sweet and the savory in various ways. You’ll see things like jalapeno jelly and habanero maple syrup. As for “Mexican” food, that’s its own whole genre, and even ubiquitous in American diners. Now, to be sure, not much of that is actually authentic, and the real fans of traditional Latin American cooking have to dig for small local restaurants, but in terms of its notoriety, some of these Latin cuisines are more familiar to more of us now.

That’s where Tamalitoz comes in: we have imbued our little treats with the fire of the traditional Mexican kitchen, and the sweetness of the sweet tooth’s sandbox. Try one – or a few – or a whole bag! (Not in one sitting!) And come back for more!

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