Fierce Fabulous and Proud

Happy Pride! June, a time of year, people celebrate and stand with the LGBTQ community. You guys know, Sugarox is a gay owned and operated company, and honestly, pride happens all year long over here.  Fierce Fabulous and Proud is a way of life for us,  and this is always present in the way we name our candy 🙂 Given…

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Tamalitoz Naturally Flavored and Colored Candy.

When deciding to make Tamalitoz back in 2015, we faced an issue. All of the flavors and colors we were using to make the first runs and samples were artificial. I went to our suppliers and asked if we could develop natural ingredients for our candy. We needed a flavor that tasted like and came from the natural fruit we…

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Tamalitoz ribbon candy pillows assorted flavors

Looking Expensive!

Not too long ago, we had a meeting with one of the buyers at a supermarket chain. When you get invited to present to these guys (any of the big buyers), its a rush, it could mean massive distribution, and as a small business, this is everything. You prepare, get everything in order, samples, and your shpiel. Usually, these meetings…

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Tamalitoz; Sweet, Hot and Personal

Just to be clear, Tamalitoz is not traditional Tamales. We would hate to disappoint anyone expecting fabulous tamales (Verdes, Rojos, Mole, Rajas, etc.) by opening a pouch of Tamalitoz and thinking, what is this? Where is the Tamal? I know I would be disappointed if someone hadn’t made that clear to me.   Tamalitoz is a ribbon-style candy, filled with…

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The Glorious Mexican Fruit Cart

This is the flavor of Mexico!  If you ever have the opportunity to visit a market or street market in Mexico,  you will find someone selling fruit cocktails. The star of the show is the chopped watermelon, mango, cucumber, pineapple. When they ask you how you want it,   the options are;   with yogurt, honey and granola,  or served up with…

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